Professional Practice in Photography

After all the excitement from Christmas and New Year has passed, the journey from South Wales to Southampton had occurred and the stress of deadlines cleared from my mind it was time to have a fresh start and begin the new year in university. And what better way to do so than by having a week of professional practice lectures by guest speakers?

It was great because by this stage, we have had a term in university where we have began to establish ourselves and get a grip with what we actually plan on doing. And this was aided by these lectures as we were able to see how other peoples degrees have helped them within the industry of photography. Along with getting the motivation needed to start the new year on a high. Guest speakers included Laura Pannack, Emily Graham, Mary Jennings, Emma Tunbridge, Harry Hardy and James Phelps. I wanted to pick one thing that each of these guest speakers said and make a note and put it on my inboard to give me motivation and inspiration. Below are the points from each:

  • Laura Pannack – Hard work + Passion = Success.
  • Emily Graham – Know your voice and have a genuine interest.
  • Mary Jennings – Keep making photos.
  • Emma Tunbridge – It takes time, faith and a smile.
  • Harry Hardy – Photography is about making something new, sometimes the simplest idea is the strongest project.
  • James Phelps – Be self-motivated and make your own path.

And no matter how cheesy this may seem, I couldn’t help but imagine this photograph afterwards.  It is by Jasper James from the series called ‘City Silhouettes.’ After seeing it I feel motivated and happy through the pastel shaped and dream-like effect. “The world is your oyster” so to speak. The way the young figure is looking out over the city with endless possibilities as to where she could go inspires me. And with this in mind I start my new year with the goal of finding myself, finding my style and finding my future.

Jasper James

Jasper James

Websites of the guest speakers are:

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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