Something Borrowed, Something New (Part 1)

In Image Lab this week we’ve had out first theme introduced to us. This being ‘Something Borrowed, Something New.’ At first thought I wasn’t quite sure what this theme would consist of but after listening to the lecture I feel excited about trying out some new ideas.

The idea of borrowing images, items, postcards or anything that can be scanned to layer and create new work is something I have never done before, and didn’t know I was interested in, until today.

At the beginning of the lecture this quote was shown to us and helped with understanding the theme.“Given the abundance of pre-existing visual material in our hyper-documented world, its unsurprising that an increasing amount of photographic art begins with somebody else’s pictures. There’s nothing new about appropriating found imagery for Fine Art purposes. But the sources, methods and goals are fest-evolving. If digital culture has transformed photographic practice it has had no less profound impact on how found materials are sought and then manipulated.” (Robert Shore, Post- Photography)

The initial images shown to us in the lecture have given me inspiration as to what work I we may be able to produce in out group this week. I really like the idea of adding objects on to images. Especially if those items are in colour on top of a black and white or Sepia photo. I also like the idea of changing opacities on photos to create a multi-layered image as this produces different meanings within one photo. These photos below gave our group initial ideas and I will do extended research on these throughout the week.

After the lecture, me and the other members of my group decided on what we would produce for next week. As Hayley was visiting home she was going to collect some medium format images of her parents wedding. Hannah was going to collect some old images she had that she bought second hand, along with scanning in some objects. And as I can’t collect any old from home this week I am going to find some photographs or postcards from shops and scan in objects that could help produce some good final images for next week. Im excited to see what work we can produce as a group and as a year group in a short amount of time that shows old work within a new context.

Shore, Robert, “Post Photography- The Artist With a Camera” Laurence King Publishers, London, 2014

Some additional reading I did on some of the artists discussed in this weeks lecture:

  • Soutter, L. (2013) ‘Eva Stenram: Drape’, Aperture, issue 212, page 123-127.
  • Cole, T. (2014) ‘Mishka Henner’, Aperture, 217, page 43.

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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