Something Borrowed, Something New (Part 2)

The art of creating something new from old items and images has really inspired me this week. I found that when looking at different items I was looking at them, not only in a nostalgic way but instead seeing their potential to create something new and exciting.

Throughout the week I collected and scanned many different images, objects and postcards. By learning about the image scanners within the session we were able to create these high quality scans for the project. At first I had no set idea in my mind as to what relevance they had to each other. I was simply collecting a mass of images. So that when joining together as a group we could look at our material and see what meanings we could create through these different elements. And who knows? Maybe some of my items that I deemed to be not important or irrelevant, may have been important when joined with an image scanned in by another member of the group?

My contact sheet of scanned items and images:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 18.53.36

When joining back together as a group and looking at our images we were able to create ties between our work and ultimately create messages within our photographs that we could put across to the viewer.

Final image 1

Apart from the theme ‘Something Borrowed, Something New’ immediately making me think about weddings… This image had more significance to the theme as the chosen images were scanned in from Medium Format negatives using the university image scanners. Not only this but these wedding photographs were a member of our groups parents’ wedding. Meaning we were able to create a meaning that was accurate to the situation in which the subjects in the photograph were experiencing at that time. This being that the bride within the photo, although getting married, was not very rich and struggled to get the money for the wedding at that time. Because of this, we decided to overlay images of money over the top to signify the money (or lack of it) that was being used.

We created this image by firstly, scanning in the two wedding photographs (that of the bride and her father and the individual image of the bride) We then overlaid the individual image of the bride on top and lowered the opacity. Then we used the scanners to create an image of coins which we then overlaid on top again but this time changing the blending mode until we got the desirable effect without loosing any key elements of the photograph.

After showing this work in the session our feedback said that it was successful, especially because of the lowered opacities in the photographs, as this connotes memories, which comes across in the meaning of the photograph. Yet, by doing so we also changed the meaning of the photograph as now we see these images, not only as a happy past memory, but instead of a time where there was struggle and difficulties.

Final image 2

This image I find to be quite interesting. Mainly because this image was bought from a flea market. Therefore when looking at this photograph there was actually no past meaning or context in which we could base our meaning around. This gave us more creativity around the meaning as we could construct it ourselves. So when doing we wanted it to become something which was quite quirky and romantic at the same time. This image has many similarities to Julia Borissova’s work as this image was purchased at a flea market with other elements layered on top to creates the feeling of memories. but we decided not to cover any details so that the memory of that moment could be retained, rather than lost.

We created this image by scanning it in the reprographics room to get the high quality print. Then we created the image of the necklace by using the image scanners. The next step was to cut out the necklace from its background and layer it on top of the photograph in a way that frames the subjects. Looking at this image and feeling like it wasn’t quite complete we also scanned in and added an image of a seagull into the left hand corner of the image, reducing the opacity so that it wasn’t the dominant subject.

The feedback we received in the session about this image was that the necklace is a key element in enhancing the relationship of the two subjects in the photograph. By framing the subjects in this way the viewer is led to believe that this is a romantic situation and the interaction with the cats is highlighted and given more significance. Additionally, the necklace fits with theme and time in which the photo was taken and gives the photograph more of a nostalgic presence.

This project has been quite insightful to me, not only because of the new skills and techniques that we have learnt but because of the time scale in which we had to produce the work also. Being a perfectionist, I normally like to dedicate a lot of time to everything I do. However, this was not possible within the space of a week. Creating work in a very fast time scale, although out of my comfort zone, I have grown to enjoy as we are putting our ideas into action immediately and as a result producing some interesting experimental work that we are able to experiment more with as the weeks go on.

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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