Gabriel Orozco

I am very interested in the idea that ‘All the world is staged’ which is this weeks theme in university. And although the group project that my group has decided to do does not really relate to this artist. I am really intrigued by the work to Gabriel Orozco. In particular, the way that he purposely stages all of his images which can be seen in his work ‘Cats and Watermelons’ and ‘Yellow Schwalbe.’

Gabriel Orozco, 'Yellow Schwalbe'

Gabriel Orozco, ‘Yellow Schwalbe’

Gabriel Orozco, 'Cats and Watermelons'

Gabriel Orozco, ‘Cats and Watermelons’

Gabriel Orozco was born in Mexico and lives and works in New York, Paris and Mexico City. From 1981 to 1984 he studied at the UNAM’s Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas in Mexico and from 1986 to 1987 in the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Orozco is very varied in his art forms. Orozco creates paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos.

Orozco’s very creative style has been is what makes him unique as an artist. He takes seemingly mundane objects and experiments with them. This way of working creates new ways of looking at something seemingly familiar. Orozco uses everyday objects in different ways by placing them into new environments, which create a curious effect on the viewer. Many of his works are made from debris of the city and Orozco has a way of making that seem extraordinary. Many of his works including ‘Watermelons and Cats’ and ‘Until You Find Another Yellow Schwalbe’ create humour through his style and surprising juxtapositions created in his images. In a press release for Orozco’s work, Pablo Soler Frost said, “One thing that marvels me about Gabriel is his astonishing capacity to pour new water, so to speak. It is the same spring, but the water is always new.” (Frost, P., 2013) The way that Orozco looks at everyday objects and sees something different is what makes his work compelling. Although each image seems like it wouldn’t have taken long to actually construct, there seems to be so much more behind every image than that of what we see straight away when looking at his photographs. They all have their own individual personalities, which tell us about Orozco as a person. When taking his photographs Orozco uses a 35mm camera, as he likes to engage with the viewer through the use of his humble materials, making it simple yet effective.

Orozco’s most recent solo exhibitions include Tate Modern, London (2011), Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin (2012), Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz and the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh (2013).

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