Preparing for the Shoot

After our initial group discussion about the shoot that we were going to undertake we noticed that there were many things that we needed to consider so that the shoot ran smoothly, including location, lighting and time of day, clothing, hair & make up and props.

Firstly, Location. We wanted a scene that wasn’t a studio setting. Mainly because the weeks theme is ‘All the world is staged’ We wanted to use a more natural, real life setting in which we could move tables and chairs and manipulate what background will be seen in each image. Almost making the viewer question ‘Is this image staged?’ (Like the work of Hisaji Hara) So we decided to use my accommodation lobby as our setting. My accommodation is Vita Student and we have a large area downstairs which had many different chairs, tables, sofas, bookshelves and lights. This meaning that we have many options for photo opportunities all within one space. After asking permission from the members of staff it was confirmed that that we were allowed to do this. And additionally, they mentioned we are allowed up on top of the roof (when being accompanied by a member of staff) that can allow for some other photo opportunities.

The lobby setting in my accommodation:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 16.27.09Our second consideration was lighting and time of day. We want to create considerable contrast in light and shadows to create drama so decided that the best time to day to shoot would be the morning. In preparation for this shoot I came downstairs at 9am and took pictures of the light, and as the sun was rising these long shadows were being created which confirmed that this would be the correct time to shoot.

But when considering this light, we had to bear in mind that this is a sunny morning. And the day of the shoot might not be as sunny. So we decided that as one of our members of our group has been given an induction on how to use the studio lights, we were going to take the portable studio lights on the shoot also so that if the light wasn’t as great on the morning of the shoot, we would still be able to create that contrast. We decided that Evie in our group would be our subject. But we needed to then consider her clothing for the shoot. As it is 1940s/ Film Noir themed shoot we began researching images. Then Evie sent us images of dresses she owned that would fit the theme. Overall we decided that dress number three would be more appropriate as we wanted a sophisticated, classy look.

Next thing to think about was the hair and make up. We needed to find someone who would be able to do this for us on the morning of the shoot. I asked my friend Ziya who does fashion styling and she agreed to help us. We decided that from looking at other images, an even skin tone, dark lip and dark eye would be most appropriate. As for hair, we wanted large curls, with the hair at the front pinned back to create volume and reinforce the theme of 1940s.

And finally, props. The props we want to include, along with the tables and chairs are books and a glass of wine (or blackcurrant squash in this case.) We want to include these to add the effect of the film noir influence in the movie ‘Double Indemnity’ as this is what that protagonist might be holding. Also, we are creating a persona about this character in which Evie will represent so but including these props we are expressing her character in a very particular way.

I feel that as a team we have worked really well so far and I am excited to see how well the shoot will turn out.

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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