A Change Within the Scene

After Monday’s lecture and on reflection of the ideas shown to us, I was reminded of work I have previously created. I am not going to say they are technically very good, but I think the ideas that I experimented with could be something that I could expand upon within this weeks theme. What I decided to look at was the idea that by intervening with the scene by holding an alternative representation on a piece of paper within the frame, this technique creates alternative meanings. Additionally to this two mediums of art are brought together within one photograph.

l was inspired by a collection of images that I found online, these images explore the boundaries between drawing and photography.

This is the work that I created in response to the found images online:

Within my photographs, I experimented with different ways to create the desired effects. In some of the images, I drew my image and held it up in the scene while photographing. On other cases I drew the image, photographed the background and photographed my hand separately then printed them, cut them and stuck them together. And in another way I took the background picture and printed it, drew the picture and rephotographed it when holding the drawing in front of the image. Additionally, I also photographed the different elements then brought them together on photoshop. Then with the later images, by layering the drawing on top of my photographs created the alternative desired meanings. I decided after creating these photographs that the best method was when I printed all three part of the image, cut them out and attached them by hand afterwards.

The tares on the paper were particularly evident as a way of showing this materiality in the image. This also resembling the work of John Stezaker. In the way that he layered images on top of each other to represent the scene in a different way, through landscape and portrait images.

I really enjoyed creating these images. I like the concepts that they portray as the depiction of the photographs’ meaning changes. From this I’d like to take this idea, along with inspiration from John Stezaker and, through the use of collaging. Create an image that changes the meaning by layering two photographic images on top of each other. I might experiment with ripping the print however. As that is what I did with the paper and I’d like to see what that looks like when two photos are used instead. I’ll experiment with these concepts and hope to create an image which draws upon these themes while creating something new in the process.

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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