Preparing for ‘Hand and Eye’ Project

This weeks’ task being ‘Hand and Eye’ refers to incorporating a hand-made aspect into the final print. And after my research of John Stezaker, Chen Nong, Aliki Brain and my previous work, I came up with a couple of ideas to experiment with. These are:

1. Hole punching my wrongly exposed darkroom prints and using these cut out circles to stick onto another image that I have produced to disguise elements of the photo. Taking inspiration from Aliki Brain who hole punches her image. But instead I’m trying to hole punch other images and layering them on top instead. I tested out this effect and photographed it below. I think this is actually very effective and adds to the materiality of the print.

test 1

2. Another idea I had was colouring on top of my darkroom prints. I took this inspiration from Chen Nong who does exactly this. He uses coloured pencils but I wanted to experiment with the use of coloured pens also. So I did a test on a print below. The overall result was that the use of colour pencils was not as successful because of the surface type of the print. Not much colour could be seen and it was putting into the print quite a lot. However the use of felt tip pens worked much better, allowing a greater colour to be shown and was most successful our of the two.

3. My other idea was to layer an additional photograph on top of my original print. Doing this to change the original meaning, in doing this I am taking inspiration from John Stezaker. This idea didn’t need experimenting as such, but instead required time to choose my prints and then searching for other prints that when layered on top of the larger print can change the meaning effectively.

I believe that these ideas when brought together in the session on Monday will be very successful and hopefully I will be able to create some interesting work.

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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