Pen Tests

After completing the ‘Hand and Eye’ theme in university this week I decided that I would like to continue my idea of colouring on top of the image. So my first thoughts were, what will I use to colour on top of the image? From the image that I completed last week, feedback I received said that they really liked how I used felt tip pens as it produced a nice bold colour and the pens marks that could be seen added to the handmade nature of the print which was positive. But when completing that image I found it difficult to do details with the Steadtler pens as the nib wasn’t really precise. So I decided to go out and purchase some Papermate fine tip felt pens to experiment with to see if they would be effective to use alongside my paper mate pens.

img005   After making a strip of the colours to see how they look on glossy photo paper I was thinking about what different effects can be achieved with these pens. As at the moment I have only really used horizontal and vertical colouring. But I think that some interesting effects could be created by creating different textures. So I created this grid below where I tried out different effects that I could use and compared the two different types of pen so I could judge what would be the best pen to use for each effect. img004   I think this experimentation was useful as I can now try out other approaches to make the work more interesting. It may not be successful when on the actual image but I think it could be interesting to experiment with. I think the next stage for me is to choose what type of paper would be best to colour on top of to create the best image results. Also, from this trial I would like to choose full images to colour that are more intricate as I think that would look good, especially when using the paper mate fine tip pens. By doing so hopefully it will create an impactful image.

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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