This new project is perhaps the one that I have been most excited to get started with. Its something about getting out my big pack of felt tip pens gets me acting like a child again. But before actually getting started I really wanted to find the right paper which would look best for this kind of work. Not only matt or gloss photo paper, but I also wanted to try out what effect a textured paper might have on the outcome of the print. So My first step was to source different papers that I could try.

I initially went through all different papers that I owned, I picked Epson photo paper, glossy 141 gsm, Matt photo paper, 120 gsm and Pink Pig, acid free white paper, 150 gsm. These papers were all quite different and allowed me to see what had the best results.

I then picked an image that, when printed in black and white and hand coloured, would allow best examination of the colour added to a print. This meaning the black and white print needed a good tonal range so that there was a greater experimentation with colour.

Typer of paper:

Additionally, I also decided to go through my Gran’s collection of textured papers to see what effect the colour would be on them, compared to the standard photo papers. So I printed the same image again and used the same colours again to see what it would look like.

Types of textured paper:

On conclusion, I like the different effects that can be achieved on different papers but I think that the most successful was the Epson photo paper, glossy, 141 gsm because the colours stayed vibrant on top of the gloss. However, other more porous papers absorbed the colour more which left the print looking a bit dull and ended up not liking very neat. Also I think the textured papers didn’t work very well because the focus was taken off the actual print and colours and instead the pattern became the focal point of the picture.

In conclusion, I think I will print some other black and white pictures onto A4 glossy Epson paper. I will experiment with how far you can take colouring the picture before it becomes too overwhelming. I will also see the results of scanning in an A4 coloured image and enlarging and printing on A3 will do to the print and whether this is a successful approach or not. I look forward to seeing what results I can produce.

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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