‘Time and Place’ Exhibition


After finding out that there was a new exhibition in the Solent Showcase I was really excited to take a look. I think that its so great that such a great selection is work is shown within our own university, meaning it is only around the corner and it is readily available for us to go and visit. So having the opportunity to do so this week could not be missed.

The exhibition is called ‘Time and Place’ and features the work of Andre Litchenburg and Brian & Gareth McClave. These images are extremely detailed and the title of this exhibition brings together the work of these two photographers into one shared theme.


When I came across the photographs created by Andre Litchenburg I was astounded and very interested by his work. His cityscapes included such immense detail that just made me need to move closer to the print and inspect it further. Litchenburg’s work has great connection with his childhood in Brazil. He said: “As a young boy in Brazil I used to draw buildings, motorways and cityscapes viewed from above and using a realistic scene as a perspective… The images have a second strong link to my childhood memories. The aerial cityscapes are reversed in post production, simulating an urban digital blackout. Growing up in Porto Alegre, South Brazil, in the sixties, the re-occurance of electricity power failures was just a normal part of life.” I find the background of this work very interesting. Even in the way that he inverted the colours to relate to his own memories. this makes this work very unique and powerful as the viewer observes them.

The hyper real level of detail was what drew me towards these photographs. With every single element in focus this really captivates the viewer. Although the print appears to be black and white at first glance, as the viewer is drawn in to inspect the entire image it becomes clear that there are discreet hints of colour on the building which is intriguing. On researching how he achieves these resulting images I discovered that he scans in his images and reconstructes them digitally, street by street. He describes the process as being “meditative and requires patience.” But these large scale, extremely high definition results are worth it when you see the pin sharp detail that makes the photographs so captivating.

What I have taken away from this visit to apply to my own practice is that I would like to produce images that include participation and time to complete, as from my experience, and especially on visiting this gallery, the best results come from photographs that have been constructed and that have required time. But by putting in this time the results are well pleasing.

For my discussion of Brian & Gareth McClave’s work visit: repkirstiewilkinson.wordpress.com

  • Time and Place, Solent Showcase Gallery, 13/02/2015 – 21/03/2015, visited 20/03/2015.

© Kirstie Wilkinson


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