The Child in Me

The beauty about having your brother and his family live next door to your family home is that on sunny easter days, when the doors are left open, you receive surprise visits of your neices. And it just so happens that I received this visit the moment I got my pens out to begin my project. And when she saw this she said “Auntie Kirstie, I want to colour one of your pictures!!!” So, I pulled out my pile of darkroom prints and she began colouring.

Phoebe pictureWhen looking at her picture, it got me thinking. When have we ever seen a blue wall? or a completely purple tree? A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing. This 5 year old girl isn’t worried about what colour something ‘should’ be. She was simply using her creativity to change reality. To make the scene more exciting and lively. Also, she chose the elements of the photograph which she deemed to be the most important to colour. By doing this, these things were brought to the viewers attention much more clearly.

Now, I realise I’m talking about my niece as if she is an artist. But I think there is something in the innocence of the child’s mind that we can take inspiration from. At least I have for this project. I am going to use colours for objects that might not exactly be ‘correct.’ But I won’t let that worry me. By using these different, more obscure colours, I hope to create a changed view of reality. Additionally, as stated in my previous blog, I am going to experiment with colouring the entire image, as apposed to colouring certain aspects of importance. And see how these effects compare.

In some respects, I want to let the child in me come out. Not worrying about being correct and just letting my creativity flow.

© Kirstie Wilkinson



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