Easter work

Since researching my artists and testing out the best paper and pens to use it was time to start producing my own work. To start, I chose my desired photographs that I thought would be most interesting to colour in. When doing so I was taking into consideration the amount of light and shadows so that my colour experimentation could be more impactful. And I also wanted to choose images that had more intricate details   to make my approach less basic and more interesting. With this in mind I chose the following three photographs, covered them to black and white in Photoshop and changed the blending mode so that the contrast was stronger. I then printed them onto Epson glossy photo paper.

This first image that I produced was an image that I took in Italy. In the original photograph the colours were predominantly browns and beige. My purpose for creating this photograph was to exaggerate reality and change it by using different colours that may not be ‘correct’ as my niece did in the photograph that she coloured in. Additionally, I only selected certain elements of the photograph to colour in as I didn’t think it was necessary to colour in the entire image, as if I did, the image would have become too overpowering and the impact would have been lost. The problem I had with only selecting some parts to colour in was that I had trouble deciding what to colour/ not colour.  Also, this picture was particularly difficult to colour in as it was hard to tell where one building stopped and the other started. Overall, I think that I coloured the right amount and most people really enjoyed this photograph.


This second image was taken by myself in London. I chose this image because I thought that there was a good variety of details and large spaces where I could experiment with applying colour in different ways. What I particularly like about this photograph is how the reflection in the water reflects a different scene to reality itself. I think this is really interesting and when receiving feedback, many people said that this aspect was their favourite part of the image. Additionally, I received feedback saying that they liked the way that the lines of pen contradicted typical direction of water in the reflection as this added to the handmade nature of the print. I think the strongest part of the image is that the bottom half of the photograph is realistic and only emphasises the natural colours. Yet the top half completely changes reality and makes the viewer question the truthfulness of the photograph.



This third image was taken in Italy as well. I choose this image of mine to print and colour as a way to challenge myself and test my colouring abilities as it is highly intricate photograph. Needless to say that this photograph took me a VERY long time to colour in as I had to colour each tile in a different colour using a fine tipped felt tip pens. I also wanted to consider how to best show shadows in my image using pens, which worked best when using a dark purple pen and adds depth to the photograph. I also like the colour spectrum that I chose to colour the pillars in as they blend nicely and create an interesting effect. Additionally, the way in which the photograph is composed leads the eye throughout the photograph. I believe that this picture is the most successful image out of the three photographs I have just created.

Overall, I really like the effect that these felt tip pens have had on the image. They work especially well on the glossy photo paper as it really makes the colours stand out and appear vibrantly. They have all turned out well and I have not received any bad feedback from these images. However, they may be aesthetically pleasing but they are not photographically strong as they have no background meaning or story. I think from this point I will work on developing a meaning and producing images that resonate more with the viewer.



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