Artist Profile – Dianne Poinski

Dianne Poinski is a photographer who lives and works in Sacramento, California. She never considered herself to be ‘artistic’ when she was younger but as she grew older and had children she started taken photography classes to enable her to take better photographs of her children and from there grew a great love for it. After this time she began taking photographs of her friends children and hand colouring them, everyone loved them and the demand for her pictures grew. She was then influenced by the works of artists  and she decided from that point that her passion was to take pictures of landscapes, architecture and flowers and then hand colour them.

After experimenting with different methods to produce her work. Her desired methodology to do so is to use a digital camera and compose her shot and capture it. Then she prints her images on to 100% cotton rag paper and then finally uses bushes to apply PanPastel on to the surface of the print. this allowed for a translucent quality of colour, meaning the image and details below could still be seen clearly. The reason that she desired this approach to photography is that her prints were truly original. No one else would have captured that same picture and coloured in the exact same way. And it is this idea that is valuable to her.

The nature of her prints is very delicate, especially in the image above (top) where she would have used a long exposure to create a soft focus effect in the grass and the clouds. The results of this create a calming, relaxing atmosphere for the viewer of the photograph. To keep with this feeling she has used colours which give this same effect. They are discreet and highlight the nature without overpowering it.

In the following two photographs her choice of colour is selective which if very effective and eye catching and draws the eye to the area of the photograph which she deems to be the most important. Highlighting the subject (cyclist) in the middle image which makes the viewer focus on the journey and leads the down the road, making the viewer explore the entirety of the image. In the final photograph of the beach scene she has only coloured one umbrella which applies to the rule of thirds. This adding interest and makes the photograph more intriguing. Additionally, the sand and the water have been slightly coloured which adds to the photographic impact almost without knowing it as it is hardly noticed. Yet it is essential to the final print.

I really like this work and from looking at it there are some elements that I would like to consider when creating my own images. Firstly, the way in which she oddest always choose overpowering colours in her images. Only when they are crucial to the literal representation of the subject. Additionally, I would like to use her idea of selective colouring in order to highlight only the ares of most importance to my overall representation of the scene I am photographing.


Berni, P. by (2010) D. Poinski – Handcoloring Digital. Available at: (Accessed: 10 April 2015)


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