Inspiration – Great Grandfather

This week when working on my project for my Representation unit, I found myself looking through my grandparents photo albums. And when I did, I was shocked and excited to find out that my Great Grandfather also coloured in his photographs, and I really liked his images.

What I find interesting about this photograph below in particular is that he only chose certain aspects of the photograph to colour in. The colour is only used on the areas that my great grandfather, the creator has deemed to be worthy enough of the enhancement of colour. Additionally, he wasn’t concerned about the precision of the colour when applying it to the photograph, it was just the application of colour to these areas to show the reality of the scene. This nature is something that I definitely have not inherited. As I am a perfectionist and I like things to be very accurate within my own work. However, I do like the way that he has approached the use of colour within his work in this way.


There are a couple of things that I want to apply to my work from finding this image and what I would like to do to experiment with his practice. These are:

1. I would like to try and experiment with the use of paint or ink to try and get the effect that. Although I like the way that felt tip pens have worked so far, I think it would be interesting to see how paint can create the effect which is similar to the image above.

2. I want to apply my Great Grandfather’s technique of only selecting certain aspects of importance to colour in. When colouring in an entire image it can be easy to loose the subject within the frame but by only selecting important elements you are highlighting key areas, as the creator and making the image more impactful.

3. I want to take some of his other landscape images that he hasn’t coloured in and then apply colour to them using some of the same techniques, but changing it slightly and experimenting with different effects.


Up until now I have been struggling to think of a theme that I wanted my work to follow, but I after discovering this, Ive decided that this is my theme. By using my old images of my grandfathers and continuing his technique and practices, whilst putting my own twist on them. I have gained a deeper interest for this project since discovering this as it is more personal to me and I think the images I produce could be quite interesting.


© Kirstie Wilkinson



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